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 ~FyTiNg WiD PaInFuL MeMoRies*

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$!l3/\/t Oc3@/\/
$!l3/\/t Oc3@/\/

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PostSubject: ~FyTiNg WiD PaInFuL MeMoRies*   Thu Oct 08, 2009 5:17 pm

SiTtIng AloNe ....aT ThE WiNdOw PanE....
FiGhTinG WiD MeMoRieS ...FuLl oV PaiN...
..WiPInG My TeArS.. aGaIn ND AgAin .....
WaNdrIn wAt HaV I LoSt wAt DiD i GaIN...

DaRkNeSs All OvEr.... HeRe SUn DuN ShiNE
AfTeR Eu LeFt ...NOtHin SeEms To be FinE
WaT HaPPenEd To Ya ...WaT wAs ThE ReAsON
u bROKe D pRoMIsE DaT u WiL AlWAyS b Myn

EyEs FuLL oV TEaRs ...HEaRt FULL oV fEaR
U r StIll IN MY HeArT i StIlL luV U DeAr
AlDo u WEnT So MuCh FaR LeAvIN ME BeHyND
BuT To my heArT ...Eu wILl AlWAy Be NEaR

I CaNt BeAr My HEaRt ...CaLlInG Eur NaMe
AlL ThE WaY FRoM mY EyE a TeAr CaMe.....
ScRoLleD DoWn The ChEeKs EnDed ONDa LIpS
MY loVe Is BeHInd All Dis ..I CaNt blAmE

I DuN WANnA ImAGiNe MySeLf ..BeInG wId U
SoRry ...I NeVA LIkEd Eu, I nEVa LovEd u
NoW Datx AlL I CaN saY To LeSseN da PaIn
Y m lYiN 2 MySlF WhEn I knOW iT NoT TRUE

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PostSubject: Re: ~FyTiNg WiD PaInFuL MeMoRies*   Mon Oct 12, 2009 6:44 pm

Bohat painfull poem hey, Kiya real men aisa hey ya just feel hota hey?
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~FyTiNg WiD PaInFuL MeMoRies*
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